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The challenges facing children with special education needs in our mainstream schools are really very serious.  For far too many of these children, the barriers standing in the way of the right education and support are significant.  Even with the best will in the world, the time and energy required to give them the amount and quality of attention they need can be very difficult - for schools and parents alike.  

The March Foundation’s core philosophy, however, is not to focus on the problems and perceived shortcomings of these children.  Our  activities are designed to draw out the positives within each child - their aptitudes, talents, interests, ambitions and goals.  To give them a chance to discover these for themselves; to develop the confidence to articulate them; and to have them positively welcomed and affirmed.

What is the March Foundation?

It was really good for the  children to be out there and taking the lead...  
That really made them shine...”

Kemi Ellis, teacher,
Hackney Free & Parochial School

“...Their confidence is sky high!”

Alison Gunn, teacher,
Court Moor School, Fleet, Hampshire

They pulled together as a team... It’s just been truly amazing...”

Michelle Ferrara, teacher,
Plumstead Manor School, Greenwich

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The March Foundation exists to change the lives of vulnerable inner city children who have learning difficulties.

Our unique Projects uncover their talents and strengths and give them a foundation for life.

Children on one of the March Foundation Projects

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The Foundation’s main activity is the provision of Sponsored Projects.  These are out-of-school residential projects held over 3  days.  Our innovative work helps teachers, children and parents to work together towards achieving quantifiable goals.  The results can be astonishing and immediate.  We also work to ensure that these positive outcomes are picked up by teachers and parents and used to the benefit of the children’s  academic and career development on an ongoing basis.

We feel that we have a particular contribution to make to mainstream schools that are including children with learning difficulties in normal classes.  Mainstream schools  especially find that it helps to take particular children away from their classes from time to time so that they can show their abilities and aptitudes without competition and distraction from the brighter children.  In response to the current desperate need, the Foundation is currently focusing on the inner-city mainstream schools with the highest proportion of children with special needs.   Although other schools continue to be supported.

Parents and teachers have found that our innovative offsite Projects help them to see their own children in a more positive light.  And most importantly the children themselves  consistently recognise the value of the opportunities they are given and the changes that they experience in their confidence, and in their ability to integrate and see other points of view, as well as to articulate their own needs in a clear and responsible way.