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Our approach is summarised in our  latest Foundation for Jobs Sheet >>

The core philosophy of The March Foundation is to provide activities and support to children with special needs that  draw out the positives within them - their aptitudes, talents, interests, ambitions and goals.  To give them a chance to discover these for themselves; to develop the confidence to articulate them; and to have them positively welcomed and affirmed.

We do this primarily through the provision of offsite residential projects.  These projects are held over 3 days/nights and are available especially to children who are not currently getting the best out of their school programmes.

The bottom line with these activities is that THEY WORK.  Parents and teachers have found that children in their care with special education needs react and learn in a totally different way if they are taken out of their routine school and home surroundings. March Foundation projects provide such an environment in a unique and constructive way.

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