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Who pays for the March Foundation Projects?

The March Foundation's tailor made off-site courses are jointly sponsored by the Foundation, by businesses and by charities.  

Some mainstream inner-city schools can qualify for a grant covering all the costs of a three-night visit, except food and transport.  

The Foundation can also help to find sponsors for other schools.

Why do we structure the courses individually?

We want the children to feel special.  We want them to feel that they are being provided with something a bit out of the ordinary, which carries with it an obligation to make a contribution and show what they 'CAN' do.

Who runs the courses themselves?

Our Team Leaders watched and helped by the children's own teachers!  This ensures relevant preparation before the course and continuity back at school after the course.

How many children come on each course?

The ideal number is twelve, split into two teams of six. Dependent on the children's needs, between two and four teachers and assistants accompany the children.

Does the Foundation only run courses during term-time?

No. The Foundation can make special arrangements for schools who wish to work with us during school holidays, half terms and weekends.  In term or during the holidays we like the teachers to attend for maximum benefit.

Do you only take mainstream school children?

We feel these courses have a particular contribution to make for mainstream schools that are "including" children with learning difficulties in their normal classes.  Mainstream schools find that it helps to take particular children away from their classes from time to time so that they can show their abilities and aptitudes without competition and distraction from the “brighter” children.  We can also help special schools, but most of them already have excellent off-site arrangements.

What do the children do in the evenings?

This depends on the teacher concerned. Late afternoon and evening sessions can vary from projects related to the day's activities, indoor or outdoor games, a trip to a local cafe or restaurant, or helping to prepare the evening meal.

What should I do to find out more?

Contact us and we would be delighted to hear from you.