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This is a very exciting time in the March Foundation’s 12 year history.  We are working hard to set the Foundation on a new course with a unique and exciting funding structure.  Details will be available shortly.

We really need your help, in expertise, time or funding.  Here are some resources to help you understand the issues we are seeking to address.

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Changing More Lives - 2011

An update on the progress of the March Foundation and a look to the future

The Crisis

Children with special educational needs at inner city mainstream schools are in a desperate situation. Reports and depressing statistics continue to show the depth of the problem. *

Our Answer

Over the last 12 years, March Foundation has developed a project package that literally changes the lives of the children that take part.

We have helped some 35 schools and 450 children in this way.

The children and their teachers testify to the astonishing results achieved. *

What Next?

We now plan to focus exclusively on those inner city schools with the highest ratio of children with special educational needs.  

During the next three years we will build a team of 10 selected “pilot” inner city secondary schools.  They will work with us to become BEACONS for other schools in the same position.   

We will pay particular attention to ensuring that the momentum achieved during our residential projects is continued back at school and leads to a meaningful career for these children – through the innovative ‘MARCH CLUB’ mentoring structure.*

Breaking the Mould

All this requires a reliable income stream.  We feel that our supporters would like to be more involved in, and identified with the ways in which their money is spent.

We do not think they want to contribute to the cost of fund-raising for these highly effective projects (some national charities spend up to 35p per £ donated on raising it!).

Think Tank

A team of March Foundation volunteer lateral-thinkers is currently looking at ground-breaking tax-effective ways in which we could attract blocks of capital from various sources. *

The income (total return) from this capital would be used EXCLUSIVELY to fund the Sponsored Projects Programme for selected secondary schools.  We do not plan to employ professional fund-raisers.