Changing Lives...


Parents have found that our innovative offsite projects help them to see their own children in a more positive light.

These projects start with a simple classroom interview which focuses on the following:

~ INTERESTS                ~ LIKES                 ~ DISLIKES               ~ SPORTS                 ~ FRIENDS                ~ WORRIES

The answers are used in the project so that each child is given a chance to show his or her individual abilities and aptitudes.  We have specialists who can focus on Art, Sport, Drama and Music as well as the basic Curriculum subjects.

Feedback from the course will help you to understand more about your own child's needs, strengths and ambitions.  All this will be harnessed to produce better behaviour, harder work and surprising results!  WE’VE PROVED IT!

Why not nominate your child's school for one of these Scholarship Courses!  Please include your contact details, along with the name of your child's school, and preferably also a contact teacher.   In our experience your contacts at the school will be grateful for information on our highly effective (FREE!) courses.

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MARCH FOUNDATION PROJECTS : BENEFITS FOR PARENTS                                                                                                                                     

“When she came back she was full of it. They have shown her new things she could do - it made me think I must stop underestimating her."

"It provides a socially safe environment."

"Overnight stays show a different side of a child – they're not in school mode."

"He was put into situations that he was not used to and simply had to get on with it."

"Social skills are improved."

"As a parent I try to do everything for her and these visits show that there is a lot that she can do for herself."

"Don't forget that these visits give the parents a break as well!"

"...I used that time to concentrate on my son who has no learning difficulties and often gets neglected!"

"Sometimes us parents loose our identity through intense involvement."

"We are counting the days to the next visit."