Changing Lives...


March Foundation Projects do not end at the close of the three days offsite visit.  It is vital to us that the progress that the children and young people make while they are away is followed up at school and home.  

First of all, on return to school, the teachers incorporate the positive “findings” on each student into a revised Individual Educational Programme.

An intrinsic part of every project is a presentation, organised by the students, which takes place at the school just after the completion of their visit.   Guests include School Governors, the Head Teacher, Parents, Teachers, Sponsors and anyone else the children would like to ask!

After the presentation, all participating students are given a Project Certificate and are enlisted as members of The March Club.   The March Foundation will then help to develop and follow up an individual In-School Project for each club member.  The teacher(s) and March Foundation staff will agree suitable Individual Mini-Projects building on the positive outcomes identified for each new March Club Member.  This will be monitored by the Foundation, ensuring that motivation is continued and that “the door remains open” for each Club Member.

This should lead to the next off-site project, the initial part of which will involve the students in raising the necessary funds, possibly in conjunction with the sponsors of the original project.