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March Foundation Sponsored Projects

The March Foundation’s key activity is the Sponsored Project Programme.  These are residential projects held over 3 days/nights.

The idea behind a March Foundation residential project is to find out more about the aptitudes, talents and interests of children with special education needs.  Children especially who are not currently getting the best out of their school programmes.

Parents and teachers have found that children in their care with special education needs react and learn in a totally different way if they are taken out of their routine school and home surroundings. March Foundation projects provide such an environment.

Each of our courses is structured individually.  We want the children to feel special.  We want them to feel that they are being provided with something a bit out of the ordinary.  This carries with it an obligation on them to make a contribution and show what they CAN do.  And so they do!

Before each Project is agreed, March Foundation staff and the children’s teachers take considerable trouble to research the needs and aspirations of each child.  

The Projects are run by our own Team Leaders, calling on expertise from the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst.  The children’s teachers accompany them on the course which ensures continuity with the preparation they have done at school and with the follow up afterwards.  But generally they stand back and watch how the children react and participate as the March Foundation Team Leaders take them through each part of the Project.  

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Project Benefits

We find that the ideal number of children attending is twelve, split into two teams of six. Dependent on the children's needs, between two and four teachers and assistants accompany the children.  

Throughout the 3 days they take part in a range of activities, working towards the project’s objectives, in SIX BLOCKS.  The children will work together in the classroom as well as taking various trips out. In the evenings the children will take part in indoor and outdoor games, trips out or help to prepare the evening meal.

The children are also tasked with organising and giving a Presentation on their response to the Project. This generally takes place at the school the day after they return.   Guests include school governors, the head teacher, parents, teachers, sponsors and anyone else the children would like to ask!  

The end of the 3 days is by no means the end of the process though!   On return to school, the teachers incorporate the positive “findings” on each student into a revised Individual Educational Programme.

All the children are given a Project Certificate and encouraged to keep going with what they have learnt.  They become members of The March Club which provides ongoing support and inspiration.

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