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March Foundation Sponsored Projects

The Wildlife Park Project

Introduction to the Wildlife Park Project

As with all our activities, the idea behind the Wildlife Project is to give the children an opportunity to explore and show what they CAN do.

This project encourages them to use their imagination and creativity to develop a plan for a viable business - to run their own wildlife park.  It involves a structured programme of SIX BLOCKS which will focus on different aspects of the business.  The children will be involved with lots of different activities to give them opportunities to work together to explore issues and come up with ideas to make the business a success.

All the children will be encouraged to share and participate equally, to develop confidence and communication skills, focusing on the positive contribution they can all make.

Project Format

The Wildlife Project is split into SIX BLOCKS
The children will be divided into TWO TEAMS OF SIX.

The  first block of the project begins with a visit to a wildlife park, where the students will be encouraged to observe as much as they can about the park as they enjoy their day out.

Throughout the project, parts of other blocks will also be conducted off-site, using other organisations or locations as thought-provokers to help the teams come up with ideas.

For each block, or sometimes part of a block, the teams will have an initial talk about what is involved.  The separate teams will then brainstorm their ideas with their team leader in syndicate.  The two teams will then come together to discuss and agree their responses.

Team leaders will try to make sure that all students in the team make a contribution in the syndicate discussions.  They will also try to involve everyone in putting forward the team’s ideas.


10 minutes EXPLAINING - March Foundation team leaders explain     the block (see separate sheets for each block).

20 minutes BRAINSTORMING - teams work separately in syndicate to    discuss ideas, supervised and encouraged by their team leader.

15 minutes AGREEING - each team presents their ideas to the rest of    the group and they agree their responses together

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